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    Everybody is talking about saving water.

    Thermostar will show you how – because water is one of our most valuable resources. With just one liter of water, the Thermostar can clean a 120 sqm house from top to bottom – thoroughly and hygienically.

    A “normal” cleaning with rags and bucket uses at least 20 liters, as you have to change the water several times. This amount of waste water, charged with chemical cleaning agents, seriously pollutes the environment. In contrast, the amount of waste water produced by the Thermostar is impressive: None!

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    Cleaning the heating

    During the winter, radiators turn into dust magnets and unhealthy dust throwers at the same time. And they’re difficult to clean:

    No matter whether they’re modern smooth-surfaced radiators or traditional multi-section ones – dust always finds a good hiding place to collect and concentrate in. Inner fins for example are almost impossible to clean with conventional methods. With the Thermostar, it’s a matter of seconds! It blows the dust away with high pressure and moistens it at the same time, so that it doesn’t get blown all over the room. Our tip: Putting an old towel under the radiator saves you from having to wipe up the floor afterwards!

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  • AP - Silvester

    It’s been a successful year for Thermostar.

    Happy New Year and lots of luck for the coming year to all our fans! Cheers!

  • AP - Weihnachten

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all customers, friends and colleagues from the Thermostar team!